Award-Winning Actress, Motivational Speaker, and Writer: Dawn Grabowski

by Dawn Grabowski

Dawn Grabowski likes to be known as an actress first, and Actress/ Performer with a Disability second (PWD). She doesn’t let her disability define her, it’s just another part of her, like her brown hair or her big smile. Aside from logistics Dawn defines her life, she doesn’t let her disability define her. Click below to read more...

Inspiring Lives (Digital Magazine)

by Dawn Grabowski

By societal standards I have a Disability. I move and do things differently than the average/normal person. But honestly, I do not know what the definition of “normal/ average” is, anymore. For the record, I HATE labels – I believe that we should label jars and NOT people. I tell people that my real disability is being flat-chested in Hollywood and over the age of 30. Trust me, it’s a disability. That being said, my official diagnosis is Spastic Cerebral Palsy. I was born 3-months early. I was diagnosed approximately the age of two years old. Click below to read more...

Book: Business Principles From Proverbs

by Gary Seale

67 essays on common business concerns

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