The Manager's Dilemma

by Robert Heath

Leadership is not about the individual. And simultaneously, leadership is all about the individual. This is the paradox that repeatedly presents itself as one surveys the papers, articles, books, speeches, presentations, and courses about teamwork and leadership the world over. I experienced the struggles of dealing with this paradox most vividly during my time in Marine Corps Officer training. In the Marine Corps, as an Officer, you are taught that the two most important things in leadership are Mission Accomplishment and Troop Welfare, in that order.

PART 1: The Principles of Proper Delegation

by Robert Heath

Why is delegation an essential business strategy.

Rewarding Your Team: Reinforce the Behaviors You Want To Continue

by Robert Heath

Rewards/Praise is one of the tools most often overlooked by Managers and Supervisors in the workplace. However, this is one of the most powerful methods for ensuring that desirable behaviors of your work force.

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