A Winning Strategy For Every Business Owner

by Keith Herman

Be your authentic self and become liberated and successful.

Conscious Capitalism: The $30 Trillion Party - No Invitation Required!

by Keith Herman

...we are about to witness the largest transfer of wealth in the history of the world.

Crusading small town newspaper publisher takes on corrupt political machine

by Charles D Hylton III

Enough shows the positive impact principled journalism can have in a community. In this day of "fake news" Enough focused on what the Founding Father envisioned when they included Freedom of the Press in the Nation's Bill of Rights - hold public officials accountable to We The People.

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Yes, we know there's a difference between a lectern and a podium. A lectern is the stand upon which a speaker can hold their notes. It often holds the microphone. A podium is the platform. A stage.

Our name, Behind the Podium is meant to convey that there's a lot that happens backstage, before a speaker ever gets in front of an audience. Behind the Podium can give you, the reader, some insight about how a speaker got to the podium, and what they're doing behind the scenes.

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