Motivational Speaker

by Uledus Roseman

My commitment to you. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to partner with you. I understand the important role I play in helping you fulfill your mission. I committed to motivating you to becoming the best person you can be.

Are Goals Even for Me?

by Ryan Reger

Do you ever get frustrated with goals? Just focus on the daily tasks.

The Four Qualities of a Great Leader

by Davin Salvagno

It has often been said that leadership is simply the ability to influence. There is good influence and there is poor influence, there are good leaders and there are poor leaders.  Good leaders are often accessible and are good listeners, but shy away from being challenging.  Poor leaders are often challenging, but lack listening and accessibility.  Great leaders are both challenging and accessible, they listen, and they lead with purpose. 

About Our Name

Yes, we know there's a difference between a lectern and a podium. A lectern is the stand upon which a speaker can hold their notes. It often holds the microphone. A podium is the platform. A stage.

Our name, Behind the Podium is meant to convey that there's a lot that happens backstage, before a speaker ever gets in front of an audience. Behind the Podium can give you, the reader, some insight about how a speaker got to the podium, and what they're doing behind the scenes.

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