Strong Leaders are Secure Leaders

by Brian Reaves

Insecurity in a leader is a surefire way to kill momentum in your company.

The Power of Encouragement

by Brian Reaves

Sometimes we feel like we're not making much of a difference in the world, but you might not even realize how important you really are to someone else!

Does Your Leadership Promote a Work-Life Balance for Your Staff?

by Natalie Parks

As turnover and worker shortage problems increase, the harsh reality that too many workers are overworked, leaving no time or energy to spend with their families, taking care of themselves, and rejuvenating. Addressing these problems require several steps and strategies. One of the most overlooked necessities is promoting a workplace that promotes a healthy work-life balance. To do this, leaders must first model the behavior they are hoping to promote for their employees. After all, we have learned that talking the talk means nothing if you are not also walking the walk.

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