What Do Your Values Say About Your Leadership?

by Natalie Parks

Some of the most important documents of an organization are its vision, mission, and values. However, they are often overlooked, leaving the direction and values of the organization ambiguous at best. Understanding your values as a leader can help shape your actions so that you are always moving in the right direction.

Inclusion in the Workplace

by Natalie Parks

The idea of inclusion is rather simple, yet the practice has proven much more difficult. The reason? Inclusion must become part of the culture, a daily practice, a way of life while at work. Here are 10 questions to ask to determine if diversity and inclusion are promoted in your organization.

How to Change Company Culture: Starts with Inclusion

by Natalie Parks

Diversity without inclusion is harmful. Many organizations work to diversify their workforce by hiring diverse staff or implementing "diversity initiatives." Unfortunately more often than not, these strategies fail because the organizational culture is not inclusive. To truly change company culture, you cannot simply add people of differing backgrounds and experiences. You must first build a culture that embraces differences, creates equity among all staff, and sees each new person as an addition, requiring change in everyone.

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