5 Steps to Effective Training

by Natalie Parks

Organizations spend billions of dollars on training each year. Unfortunately most of it is wasted, as the topics are not actually applied once training ends. True behavior change only occurs when trainings require active participation, practice and feedback. Follow these steps to increase the effectiveness of your training.

When Your Safety Program is On Display in Court

by Joseph Barnes

There is no easy way around it; safety professionals are exposed to the legal process firsthand. Depositions and going to court are a reality. It’s unnerving. It’s uncomfortable. Like it or not, in the profession of safety, it is in your future. Over the last three years, I have served as the designated expert in more than 100 legal actions. From injured employees to OSHA challenges and more than my fair share of fatalities. My job is somewhat of an arm-chair quarterback to the accident that left someone maimed or dead.

Why Coaching is a Powerful Antidote to Toxic Workplace Culture

by Tajan Braithwaite Renderos

This article outlines how coaching can be a powerful antidote to toxic workplace culture. It provides important considerations senior leadership should bear in mind as they craft an ideal coaching program for their staff.

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