Trump and Clinton Are Case Studies in How Not to Apologize

by Gregg Ward

Are their apologies effective? Are they convincing? Will they change minds and salvage damaged brands? Recently, psychological scientists and organizational development experts have identified seven crucial components of a “Full Apology. These range from “owning the mistake, and “expressing empathy, to “promising 'never again,' and “offering to make amends. Each component is important, and while respectful leaders will ensure that they engage in each when they apologize, some carry more weight than others.

What to Do When Employees Leave

by Carmen Feinberg

When lots of employees leave your employ in close proximity to one another, it's time for some damage control. Here is a quick list of what you can do, and it does not include trying to save those that already left you:

Benefits of Corporate Kindness

by Carmen Feinberg

One could argue that a truly healthy company requires a culture that includes kindness as a key ingredient. Corporate kindness matters a great deal. Corporate kindness is the act of employees being friendly, generous, and considerate to one another. It is actually one of the necessary elements for scalable success. 

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