Critical Success Factors in Enterprise Resource Planning Implementation in U.S. Manufacturing

by Justin Goldston

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementations can be costly for any company. While there are advantages to size and funding in larger businesses (500+ employees), there are critical success factors of the ERP process that small- to mid-size manufacturing (or other types of business organizations) can use to increase their rate of success for ERP. This must-buy book outlines research that targeted specific factors that increase any ERP implementation’s success.

A Qualitative Study of Risk Mitigation in Enterprise Resource Planning Implementations

by Justin Goldston

Due to a large number of failed Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementations in recent years, these projects are considered a risky endeavor for organizations of all sizes. Given the fact that the majority of research regarding these Critical Failure Factors has been conducted based on large enterprises, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) may be unable to implement the mitigation strategies suggested in these studies. To examine this topic, a qualitative study was conducted with seven SMEs and one large enterprise in various phases of an ERP implementation. In analyzing the data, the results revealed that communication, collaboration, and visibility among all stakeholders within an ERP implementation led to the mitigation of the risks identified in previous projects. Because SMEs make up 99.7% of the employer firms in the United States, it was important to gain understanding on this population, given their constraints and limited research compared to larger enterprises.

The Secret World of Showbiz Seniors

by Lee Gale Gruen

This personal essay by me appeared in the online magazine "Narratively." It chronicles my journey to becoming an actress in my senior years.

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