Bullying in the Workplace

by Andrea Blue, Ph.D.

As she exits her vehicle she turns off the jazz music that she listened to in the morning to prepare for the day. As she walks into the office, she could smell the aroma of hatred and stirring trouble. The first question that she asks herself is “What will happen today? There is a knot in her stomach as big as Texas and it just won't go away until it's time to leave for the day. O, but, what about tomorrow?

7 Keys to Become a Fearless and Influential Leader

by Larry Jacobson

Leadership is a skill and art that one never finishes developing. Even the best leaders become the best — and stay on top — as a result of their commitment to continually improve their leadership skills.

The Big Problem New Retirees Run Into

by Larry Jacobson

Recent Retirees often feel an overall sense of loss. Specifically, common feelings are: A lack of social interaction, A lack of purpose, A feeling you've reached your peak and are no longer needed, A feeling of being disconnected from society. Here are a few suggestions to finding new meaning and purpose....

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