The Most Valuable Sales Lesson

by Brian McCauley

If you don't get this figured out, you will always struggle

Nobody Cares About Excuses, They Care About Results

by Brian McCauley

Excuses may make us feel better about our results, but they will not get us any closer to achieving our goals.

12 Suggestions To Increase Charitable Donations

by James Feldman

Philanthropy tends to decrease when the economy slows and overall donations were down in 2020 till now, in 2016, they appear to have returned to the 2007 levels. The winners are the ones who have the determination to move forward with their innovative ideas. You cannot agonize and influence at the same time. Now is the time for a new vision, a new stimulus, and an understanding that donor opportunities still exist for those that seize them. Here's 12 suggestions.

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