Futures Literacy and Youth Resilience: Educating for the Future

by Amy Fletcher

Futures literacy is emerging as a key personal and professional skill for Generation Z (Gen Z), a cohort that is collectively experiencing extraordinary levels of social and economic dislocation due to factors such as the Covid-19 pandemic and runaway climate change, as well as rapid technological advances and their associated impacts on jobs and education. Riel Miller, Head of Futures Literacy at the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) defines futures literacy as ‘the capability to “use-the-future”, for different reasons and in a variety of ways.’ Futures literacy as a concept and programme originated with UNESCO in approximately 2010 and is a cornerstone of the organisation’s work on youth resilience and empowerment. This essential approach to scenarios that the next generation are likely to face can be nurtured in our society by insightful parenting and innovative curricula.

Luck vs Opportunity

by James Nicholas

Motivational Keynote Speech which opinoned on the differences between Luck versus Opportunity as it relates to a business case.

Market Entry

by James Nicholas

Strategy formation, SWOT analysis Market entry and implementation

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