Raising the Bar: How Setting High Expectations Inspires Deeper Commitment

by Bob Dusin

If leaders are getting average results, it's likely because they're setting average expectations. Challenge employees to achieve more through effective communication and raising the bar.

Why "Do The Best You Can" Is Terrible Advice

by Bob Dusin

You set the stage for the people you manage. When you instruct employees to perform at “just OK” levels, you’ll get “just OK” results.

Forbes: 14 Ways Leaders Can Prepare For Generation Z's Entry Into The Job Market

by Maresa Friedman

With Generation Z reaching employable age, the expected influx of new workers presents a lot of potential benefits to the world of a business. However, equally as possible, it may bring with it its own challenges. Compared to generations past, Generation Z thinks differently and even approaches problems in a manner unique to the experiences of the modern age. Leaders therefore need to figure out ways to adapt to this new influx of workers who are seeing through a different lens than they are.

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