Empathy For Squares

by Kendria Taylor

This article is for people that gravitate towards a communication style that is very independent. Someone that loves data and values knowledge but may need to work on their people skills and team collaboration skills. This is a great article for people in tech, attorneys, researchers, payroll, accountants and so many more.

How to elevate your brand by way of storytelling

by Mellissa Tong

The fundamental principles of branding, marketing, and storytelling, and how to elevate your brand through storytelling.

Pirie Jones Grossman, #1 Life Empowerment Coach, Helps Women Reinvent the Second Chapter of Their Lives

by Pirie Grossman

Pirie’s coaching is masterful, combining deeply customized life coaching with spiritual psychology’s powerful tools and techniques. This synergy helps women heal old belief systems and early life experiences freeing them to create profoundly purposeful and fulfilling lives.

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