Hot Beverage Spill Burns: Three Case Types Dan Cox & Associates Takes as a Consultant or Expert Witness

by Dan Cox

When a bad burn occurs as the result of a hot beverage spill, victims (and their insurance companies) may feel the need to place blame—often in the form of lawsuits. Dan Cox & Associates specializes in presenting the facts and defending foodservice operators when legal action arises. All of the cases we have been hired for have resulted in dismissals, pre-trial settlements, and favorable judgments for the defense. 

Prevent Spill Burns: Best Practices for Hot Beverage Safety

by Dan Cox

Hot beverage spill burns—and lawsuits—are on the rise. In an instant, a hot drink can severely injure a customer, damage your brand, and threaten your profits.  You can prevent spills and burns from coffee, tea, and other hot drinks by using quality products and training your staff to follow best practices for hot beverage safety. 

What to Do in Case of a Hot Beverage Spill

by Dan Cox

A hot beverage spill can cause significant injury. Prevention is the most important thing but some accidents will still happen. Will you and your team be prepared? When a hot coffee or other hot beverage spills, after providing first aid, it’s not enough to offer another coffee or free product. Your team needs to take concrete steps to prevent further injury and protect your business from a possible lawsuit.

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