Making The Most Of Acqui-Hires: Integrating Company Culture Post-M&A

by Margaret Graziano

It’s widely understood that about half of America’s marriages now end in divorce. (Actually, the divorce rate has fallen in recent years.) What’s less well-known is that, as with marriage, a roughly similar proportion of corporate mergers and acquisitions—40 percent—also fail to fulfill the hopes of those who enter them.

Understanding — and Dealing With — Free Agent Mentality

by Margaret Graziano

The occupants of today’s C-suites face a younger workforce whose expectations of life and career often differ significantly from their own.

by Tommy Nash

LEADING BY EXAMPLE: Dr. Tommy R. Nash, Virginia businessman, speaker, and author, immeasurable expertise has given way to a progressive, thriving COGA (Child of God Always) – Leadership Intelligence Creates Leadership Champions

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