What Is Your True Purpose?

by L. Wayne Smalls

Do you know what your true purpose in life is? Although that is a rhetorical question, it is a critical one nonetheless, because we all have a purpose and we should know what it is so that we can begin to live a more fulfilling life. We were all put on this earth to fulfil a destiny- some to be great leaders, others to be caregivers and still others to be public servants. There are people who have already realized their purpose. There are some who still have not been able to figure it out yet. There are even some who thought they knew what their life’s purpose was, but somewhere along the way, may have gotten distracted. Here are a few tips that may help you get back on track.

Leadership That Rises Above A Crisis

by L. Wayne Smalls

Leadership is a phenomenon that has been around since the beginning of time. There have been leadership gurus of different eras all around the world; some of whom have bolstered theories about leadership that many of us have adopted and incorporated into our own leadership styles today.

Who Are You Attracting?

by L. Wayne Smalls

When you look around at the people who gravitate toward you, do you ever wonder what attracted them to you in the first place? Have you given much thought to why those individuals continue to come around you? John C. Maxwell says, “Who you are is who you attract.” This is the law of magnetism. Leaders who understand this concept will be well on their way to being a magnet for attracting great leaders. Although it is important for us to remember that it’s not about what we want in our followers. It’s really about who we are as people and as a leader.

About Our Name

Yes, we know there's a difference between a lectern and a podium. A lectern is the stand upon which a speaker can hold their notes. It often holds the microphone. A podium is the platform. A stage.

Our name, Behind the Podium is meant to convey that there's a lot that happens backstage, before a speaker ever gets in front of an audience. Behind the Podium can give you, the reader, some insight about how a speaker got to the podium, and what they're doing behind the scenes.

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