When is Hot Coffee Too Hot? The Ideal Coffee Temperature May Surprise You

by Dan Cox

Most coffee spill and burn litigation complaints center around the temperature of the beverage as a product defect. Plaintiffs often claim that the coffee temperature, along with tea, hot cocoa, and other beverages, was too hot. As consultants and expert witnesses in hot beverage lawsuits, we strive to convey how hot beverages are required to be brewed and served at temperatures that can be dangerously hot and may cause severe burns when spilled.

For Goodness' Sake Be a Consistent Leader!

by Simon Goncharenko

One of the most important characteristics of good leadership is consistency. Read the article to see why...

Applying Principles of Improvisation to Negotiation

by Chester Harding

Harvard Law School Negotiation Journal article, April 2020 -- examines the skills of improvisation and applies them to negotiation and communication

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