Dancing for Peace

by Ann Keeler Evans

Rather than weep in the streets after another episode of gun violence, let us form a circle around the beleaguered and let us dance! Sunbury PA Daily Item 11/26/22 https://www.dailyitem.com/dancing-for-peace/article_cce16a52-6b49-11ed-87e6-3b377f10a858.html

The Dark Sacred Night

by Ann Keeler Evans

There are four sacred responsibilities in Winter: Mending Wrapping, Restorations and Visions Sunbury PA Daily Item 12.18.22 https://www.dailyitem.com/the-dark-sacred-night/article_af7b5b76-7b1b-11ed-a134-33aa87144b85.html

Sauntering toward Peace

by Ann Keeler Evans

Peacemaking is acknowledging that the ground beneath us is Sacred Ground. Sunbury PA Daily Item 2.12.23

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