10 Cognitive Biases That Can Affect Your Sales:

by Jodi Pliszka

Marketers are beginning to realize just how important Neuroscience and Neuropsychology are to their client attraction strategies. The questions businesses need to ask are: “how do people make decisions and what affects their buying behaviors?” Knowing how the mind works is the key in how to influence consumer behavior and have more predictability in lead generation and sales conversion rates. What causes people to buy or not to buy? That is real question at hand. There are over 100 cognitive biases that have been identified. These biases are complicating the decision making process as stumping even the most seasoned marketing professionals. Traditional marketing focuses on logic and Neuromarketing focuses on the customer experience, emotions, feelings and thoughts. Even the big monsters like Coca-Cola have recently made the switch to Neuromarketing, after they lost over $200 MM, with the introduction of New Coke. But you’ll have to wait to hear that story.

Entrepreneur, 3 Components of the Perfect Elevator Pitch

by David Meltzer

Whether you are pitching a product, a service, or yourself, there are three essential components to any pitch.

Entrepreneur, 3 Steps to Make Networking Easier

by David Meltzer

By combining imagination, inspiration and action principles, you can attract all the right relationships.

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