Write First, Then Do Your Research

by John C. Drew, Ph.D.

In a world of limited rationality, it is expensive for the client to figure out the fundamental issues of significance simply by reading the request for proposals. They and their staff can often be more helpful if they have a fully fleshed out rough draft in front of them.

Get Your Files and Piles Under Control

by Stacey Anderson

The beginning of the year is the best time to clean out your files and have a clean slate for the upcoming year- but it is never too late. No more battle of the bulge when it comes to trying to file something. Here are some simple, easy to follow tips to get started on the right track.

6 Myths of Organiztion

by Stacey Anderson

About Our Name

Yes, we know there's a difference between a lectern and a podium. A lectern is the stand upon which a speaker can hold their notes. It often holds the microphone. A podium is the platform. A stage.

Our name, Behind the Podium is meant to convey that there's a lot that happens backstage, before a speaker ever gets in front of an audience. Behind the Podium can give you, the reader, some insight about how a speaker got to the podium, and what they're doing behind the scenes.

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