Turn Dull into Dynamic! The 10 Biggest Traps to Avoid When you Speak

by Patricia Fripp

Whenever you open your mouth, whether your audience is one person or a thousand, you want to get a specific message across. And anyone who sets out to present, persuade, and propel with the spoken word faces 10 major pitfalls.

Support Your Presentation with Believable Posture

by Anita Boser

You’ve prepared the presentation down to the last detail. You examined the A/V equipment, and it's operational. Your hairstyle, clothing, and attitude give the right impression. Your voice and facial expressions will connect you with the audience. Can anything possibly interfere with your delivery?

Secrets of Creating A Million Dollar Business Model 10 Ways to Grow Your Business Using Integrity as Your Compass

by Annie Jennings

Creating a million dollar business model is really all about the basics. Doing the right thing coupled with delivering what you promise is at the core of long-term success in the speaking business. Here are 10 tips to keep in mind that will keep you growing in the right direction:

About Our Name

Yes, we know there's a difference between a lectern and a podium. A lectern is the stand upon which a speaker can hold their notes. It often holds the microphone. A podium is the platform. A stage.

Our name, Behind the Podium is meant to convey that there's a lot that happens backstage, before a speaker ever gets in front of an audience. Behind the Podium can give you, the reader, some insight about how a speaker got to the podium, and what they're doing behind the scenes.

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