The Enterprise World Selects Nicole Martin for “Remarkable Stories Of Determined Business Leaders”

by Nicole Martin

he Enterprise World Magazine published their series, “Remarkable Stories Of Determined Business Leaders” and selected Nicole Martin as a featured interview. From the interview, “If you want to build an HR Department that is efficient in all its way, it takes a lot of patience, time and most importantly planning. For most business owners, hiring a full time HR representative may seem like an easy job and an immediate solution for most of their work problems. But for the practitioners, organizing HR and making it work effectively requires time and careful consideration. With this, to organize an HR department also requires a neat plan to identify the flaws and correct them when necessary.” To read the rest of the interview, visit Posted in In The Media

Nicole Martin featured in CIO Look’s The 10 Most Successful Businesswoman to Watch, 2020

by Nicole Martin

HRBoost CEO & Founder, Nicole Martin, was featured in CIO Look as a part of The 10 Most Successful Businesswoman to Watch, 2020. To read the entire article, please go to: Posted in In The Media


by Errold Moody

Avoiding Investment Sequence of Returns/ Reducing Risk in a Recession Phase 3 and 4 Phase of the Process in Managing Risk in Mutual Fund Portfolios

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