Three Simple Steps to Creating a High-Performance Inter-generational Team

by Bob Dusin

Different generations in the workplace can have different perspectives and goals, but there are ways leaders can approach employees that transcend those generational lines. While everyone has their own personal mindset and desires, we also have many things in common that connect us.

How a Simple Conversation Can Improve Employee Performance

by Bob Dusin

Taking the time to show the people we hire that we trust their competence and give them the space to solve their own problems is a straightforward – and often overlooked – strategy for improvement. Connecting and helping others is a critical step in growing as leaders, entrepreneurs and people. Investing in your employees also happens to be a great way to invest in your business. 

How to Turn Discipline Issues Into Growth Opportunities

by Bob Dusin

Rule books and punishment don't make people better at what they do. They only create a mindset of compliance. Coaching and performance development plans foster commitment and set people on a course to high performance.

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