1. To introduce the company as a contender in its space.

A startup needs every advantage to succeed. An inexpensive way to get the ball rolling is to announce the launch of the company and align it with its competitors.

Doing this accomplishes two important things. One, it shows how the company is similar to more successful and well-known companies and it also describes how it offers something unique and of greater value.

Two, it creates an opportunity to be linked to more well-know and successful companies which is a great benefit for SEO moving forward.

Utilizing a PR firm to orchestrate the announcement, as part of a much broader campaign, sets the stage to propel the company forward.

2. To elevate the company presence

Every company needs a leg up on the competition to succeed. A startup may improve its ranking amongst its competitors, in many cases, simply by getting more attention and eye balls. Utilizing public relations to gain attention and eyeballs is a great way to elevate a companys presence.

3. To enhance credibility

Attention and eyeballs are great but unless there is credibility behind your product or service the sizzle will quickly fade leaving you empty handed. Therefore, getting third party validation from a credible source will greatly improve the value of your product or service, amplify your brand and greatly extending the life of your exposure.

4. To demonstrate to investors specifically that the company is a contender with credibility and worthy of raising capital

Most startups begin with limited means and burn through capital quicker than expected. Raising capital is almost always an eventuality.

Broad based PR can provide strong visibility and credibility, making investors feel more confident in your company. This confidence will reduce their perception of the risk involved and make them more comfortable writing you a check.

5. To attract strategic partners

Strategic partners can fuel your business exponentially and they look to partner with stable or hot companies on the rise. Having broad based PR exposure will give you credibility and the buzz you need to grab their attention and seal a partnership. Remember, just as investors look to limit risk so do strategic partners and they also look for industry appeal and acceptable and that is all about the buzz.

6. To utilize as sales and marketing tool to acquire more business

When you are starting a business, acquiring business is always priority number one. Your sales people need every advantage they can get to short track sales. Providing your sales team with prominent and notable placements in key media outlets gives them the tools to demonstrate the validity, credibility and appeal of your product or service by neutral third parties making their job much easier and efficient in closing sales.

7. To fuel company momentum and expansion

There are many aspects to starting a company and one of the most important is the launch. The inertia of the company is most often its death. Therefore, starting off with a bang is essential to shift into a state of momentum that will drive the companys development and growth.

When starting a business, its critical to maximize your capital. Good PR is not cheap but the right PR will give you the best results and return on your investment by accomplishing all seven of the objectives discussed and give you the momentum needed to succeed.