Then ghosting also became a term used when employers stopped communicating with potential employees after several good interviews had taken place. 

Currently, we know that the job market has become so diverse that the best candidates have their choice of positions to choose from. The fallout from this is becoming more and more evident - employees are now ghosting the employers.

In our early years as a growing company, one of our primary objectives was finding clients so our employees always had sufficient work. Recently, the trend has completely reversed itself and we now are constantly looking for employees to fill our client’s demands. On the surface this is a wonderful dilemma for a company to have – to a point. 

Personally, I have found that at least 80 % of the persons I offer an interview to, do not even respond. The few who do reply are to either provide their respectful declination or express their interest in a, “texting” format without any correct grammar or spelling.

What is an employer to do? Our company has already increased our starting wage, added more training and lowered our expectations; yet still our company is being ghosted more often than not.

Business experts say that ghosting is becoming a bigger problem for employers and there is no end in sight.  What else are we to do?