As we enter a new month, job, life situation, “look at this time in your life as a season”.

"In nature, every season has an end, and then bursts forth with a new beginning, a new season. Opportunities for a fresh new start, new ideas and possibilities blossom.” Alicia Sirkin

When you find yourself ruminating on the past or imagining some future scenario where the worst is possible and feel things will always be this way, ‘notice what you’re noticing’*and catch yourself in the midst of negative self-talk and visualize other possible and more positive outcomes—potential outcomes you may not have yet considered.

Write them down on paper or put them as reminders in your phone. Review them often. Enjoy new hope when your mind isn’t busy focusing on what’s wrong or fearing about the future.     

Remember:  Words have power, especially the ones in your head and from your heart.

The voice for truth speaks to us every day, but our ability to hear it depends on our willingness to listen.  Know that wisdom is available to you at all times – your access to it depends on how willing you are to ‘entertaining’ those that come your way.

Our intuition works through our thoughts – the ideas that pop into our head may actually be the answers to the questions we have”.

[I wrote this after speaking to a good friend and it just ‘flowed’ from me and I kept writing]

‘At this time of craziness and uncertainty…’,  (thought: I'll change it to opportunity, I like that better than uncertainty.)   we all have to do our part - be it small or big, and the Universe really doesn't know the difference as long as we are BEing who we're supposed to be and Doing our parts of the 'puzzle'.  It all goes together in time I think, when it's ready to be done - rather like timing the different parts of a meal to be ready at the same time.  We're serving up some new ideas and ways of thinking - which come to think of it are ancient principles - re-membered and recycled in a new age that's forgotten who people are - we divine beings are rediscovering those principles and lo and behold, they DO apply to us all.  Gotta spread that message!”

 And we do have responsibility for our planet as a living breathing BEing-"Lady Gaia" as I call her.  There's a lot we can do as individuals - like buying food from small farmers: produce and meats which will support independent farms and organically raised animals that don't produce major amounts of greenhouse gases and planet-saving farming methods that are meant to recycle soils naturally.  Having our own herb gardens in pots, they're decorative as well as tasty and useful, and help us breathe...”

 And so we need to build a familiarity with our inner guide, as it’s crucial to finding the answers to your questions as you build your dream and move forward. 

Really listening to your intuition is a skill that has to be worked on and developed.  That is a part of this Mastermind. 


Write down 5 times in the past week that you recognized your inner voice speaking to you.

Pay close-r  attention to your intuition over the next 48 hours and then write how your inner voice guided you during that time.

Next:   Write down three (3) things that can go on your “TO BE” LIST.

*Thank you, Mary Morrissey