Here are the top ten 2020 “People Connectors,” chosen from those I posted this year to LinkedIn. I thought it would be fun to list them according to popularity, “1” being the most popular, based unofficially on LinkedIn stats. I hope you enjoy and profit from this change of pace.  


If you want to know how well a person connects with others

listen for what they say or don’t say about others.


Manipulators turn people skills on and off.

Connectors have no such switch.


Whether you present with Zoom or “In the Room,”

the best presentation is one that connects.


We get to choose how we treat people.

We do not get to choose the results of that choice.


Communication that begins with “you” connects or disconnects –

by complimenting or criticizing, by encouraging or discouraging.


Kindness is the cure for what unkindness causes.

It replaces weakness with strength and conflict with harmony.


Few are deliberately difficult. We’re different.

Seeing others as different rather than difficult

has everything to do with how well we treat them.


Listening is transparent communication.

Through it, others see how much

we care about connecting.


Give the priceless gift that can’t be bought.

That always fits. That’s always

stylish. That’s often returned.

Your undivided attention.


Average people connect only on good days.

Leaders have more good days by connecting regardless.