He is a retired law enforcement executive with twenty-seven years of experience, having served as a Chief Deputy, Chief of Police twice, and State Law Enforcement Director. He was named the Martin Luther King Jr. Humanitarian of the Year in 2017, awarded the National Sheriffs’ Association Medal of Merit, and was named the Optimist International Law Enforcement Officer of the Year. 

As a result of his last tour as Chief of Police in a city impacted by racial divisions, he created and implemented the innovative No Colors No Labels (NCNL) initiative designed to help remove the preconceived notion that the Police were racially motivated. NCNL provided a safe community for all citizens. He is a leader who believes in diversity and that a workforce should mirror the community they serve. He is highly experienced in developing Community Diversity Programs. Jesus Eddie Campa will be graduating with a Ph.D. in Public Service Leadership in Criminal Justice in 2022. He shares, “I am no stranger to adversity and have been fighting an internal fight to prove that I can do everything that people have said I couldn’t do.” That’s why my mission is to share what I’ve learned through my many years in leadership. 

Jesus Eddie Campa believes in community-based policing and community inclusion programs. Along with NCNL, Campa has also championed initiatives such as the Anti Bullying Coalition, The Cool Cops Ice Cream Truck, and others throughout his time as a police executive. He is someone that understands the difference between equality and equity. Not only is Campa an expert on 21st Century Policing and Procedural Justice, but he also continues to call for diversity and leadership opportunities that allow for equality in servant leadership roles. 

21st Century Policing has brought on many intricate concerns as far as technology and community policing. As a matter of fact, a considerable amount of the job rests on the police chief’s ability to remain grounded yet flexible. Jesus Eddie Campa is a chief that other city leaders refer to as an “agent of change.” He has successfully served to detour a variety of wrongful behaviors by following his own advice on how to be a successful leader. 

Jesus Eddie Campa explains, “ My career as a law enforcement executive taught me a lot of things as far as policy, business ethics, and management is concerned which is why I started Leading Through Adversity. My passion is to help others learn how to navigate the dark side of leadership and become successful.

Jesus Eddie Campa explains, “I feel it is my duty to continue to address challenges I see that prevent people from doing the right thing. Whether this is in policing or in business, there are similarities that can prevent people from feeling they have control or any sense of real autonomy. I want to help people feel like there is a way to win, even through adversity.” Especially in leadership roles where you have to be cautious of the red tape while still addressing problems within the organization. Jesus Eddie Campa offers seminars to assist companies with solutions for people in leadership roles. He explains, “There are creative and innovative ways to overcome challenges and still do what you know is right.”

For more information on the book, Unmasking Leadership: What They Don’t Tell You and Leading Through Adversity’s leadership development program, visit: Leading Through Adversity – Jesus Campa, Leading Through Adversity