You must take personal responsibility. You cannot change the circumstances, the seasons, or the wind, but you can change yourself. That’s something you can control, Jim Rohn

I’m 100% positive that on at least one occasion you have said or heard, “garbage in, garbage out.”

I’m also 100% positive that despite the accuracy of the statement, you have, probably more often than you would admit produced enough garbage to fill the Grand Canyon.

Amazing, isn’t it?

It does not have to be this way.

But you’ll remain who you are and where you are until you stop being a prisoner of your past. Why not start by running away from the seven mistakes that hold you back:

  1. Limits. You limit yourself through your thoughts, words, and actions. For example, you repeatedly say, “I can’t,” “This is the way I am,” “This is the way I have always done it,” “I can’t change,” “I’m too short, too tall, too fat or too small, too old to go back to school and you cannot teach an old dog new trick.”
  1. Excuses. Benjamin Franklin once said, “He that is good at making excuses is seldom good at anything else.”
  1. Action. While you talk the talk, you struggle to walk the talk. Consequently, you never get the results you expect.  It doesn’t have to be this way.
  1. Self-discipline. The late motivational speaker, Jim Rohn once said, “Discipline is the bridge between a goal and its accomplishment.” That means, without self-discipline, it will be almost impossible for you to act on the things you promised yourself. 

In other words, to get from here to there, you must do the things you need to do even when you don’t feel like doing them.

  1. Quitting too soon. Neil Strauss says, “True endurance, I think, comes from the inside. It comes from motivation and belief in what you are doing.” Do you believe in what you’re doing? If you do, why then do you give up at the first sight of a hurdle?

When you do, you deny yourself an opportunity to reach your goals. In fact, you’ll never accomplish your goals without sticking with them over the long haul.

  1. Blaming. When you refuse to accept responsibility for your actions, you’re imprisoning yourself. In so doing, you’ll struggle to find help when you need help. By the way, “If it’s never your fault, you can't take responsibility for it. If you cannot take responsibility for it, you will always be its victim,” Richard Bach
  1. Avoiding Risks. The late actor, Heath Ledger once said, “If you're just safe about the choices you make, you don't grow.” Playing it safe is tantamount to stagnation while taking calculated risk speeds up expansion. In short, you’ll never get from here to there if you’re risk-averse.