. WHAT IF: "Employee resignation” is not a new problem?

. WHAT IF:  There are deeper, obsolete employee management problems at play?

. WHAT IF:  The underlying these problems are clearly definable?

. WHAT IF: These underlying problems can't be solved by assigning them to HR?             

. WHAT IF:  You CAN implement practical, measurable, sustainable solutions?                             

Would you?  Are you ready?  We can help!

Margot Murphy, CEO and founder of Beyond Resilience, LLC dedicated a full year to first-hand primary research to ask new questions about employee lack of engagement/resignation and gain new answers. After 130 seminars in 17 states with a wide variety of industries and levels, the results were clear. 

The underlying cause sparking employee resignation is personal employee stagnation.     

Employees are busy, but they don't feel they have a personal future working where they are.  "I only work here for the benefits" is prevalent everywhere. This is painful and destructive ‘internal welfare thinking.’

The reality is organizations are systematically creating the employee stagnation they are trying to overcome. It is a self-defeating circle. Until you address this core issue, you will never resolve your lack of engagement, employee stagnation and resignation problems.

The market isn’t waiting. The sooner you learn and understand the root causes of employee stagnation and resignation, the sooner you can transform your obsolete employee management methods to Vitality Leadership for a competitive advantage.  

We are proven executives who are highly practical, less talk, and more action. We provide sustainable, measurable programs and results. Once Vitality Leadership is instilled through-out your organization, our Vitality Leadership system begins to run itself for increasing momentum and measurable value.

Why instill new principles and practices throughout your organization? Because implementing and experimenting in one department never works. It just causes confusion in others. Training new self-reinforcing skills that are portable across departments, groups, and multiple job assignments builds trust, collaboration, communication, and enthusiasm.

Instilling Vitality Leadership that recognizes the fluidity and ability of employees to both develop and apply their talents more rapidly with greater immediate effectiveness than ever before, is critical. Talent evolution must be continual, provide motivation and create clear incentive for both the employee and the organization. It is a new day. Create a new contract between the organization and its employees. When you win, we win.

Some of you may be thinking “business-as-usual” a is fine and all we need to do is wait until the pandemic distractions quiet down? Not so! “Business-as-usual” is essentially gone. You need to take action to create a new day and be able to communicate it to past employees’ you want back, and new employees you want to attract.

Are you a progressive thinking executive who is pro-actively looking for new solutions?

If you are, let’s schedule complimentary time to explore your concerns, your visions for the future, and our abilities to help you meet them.  Alignment then action.

Our products and services are bespoke to meet your industry, your business, and your leadership needs. We work on-site and virtually.  Please connect through Linkedin or email me: Margot.Murphy@VitalizeYourworkforce.com   We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to the Vitality Leadership team.