You’re probably wondering, why is P.L.A.Y. an acronym. Let me explain: Practicing Leadership and Authenticating You.


Great leaders are living up to their authentic selves. After many years, they have learned how to bring their leadership style to create a workplace environment that is full of energy and enthusiasm.

Authentic leaders embrace empathy. They’re willing to walk in their colleagues’ shoes to understand what motivates them. They know that communication is welcomed at all levels of the organization. That means there is an open conversation – no matter what level of the company you’re working in – that allows ideas and feedback to fuel constant transformation.


Authentic leaders know that collaboration and teamwork are necessary to create a more productive and efficient workplace. These types of leaders know that they can solve problems and provide solutions for their customers and clients more quickly and creatively.


Leaders who know how to P.L.A.Y. know when to pivot and how to manage conflict in real-time. They constantly are bringing team members together to discuss what’s working and what’s not, then devising a solution to remove any roadblocks.


Having the courage to P.L.A.Y. means that you are willing to make the adjustments in your style to become a better leader every day.