As a faith-based life coach, every day I find so many are stuck in the pit of mediocrity and settling. They want more, but have no clue how to get more. They have something inside that tells them there is so much more to life than what they have settled for. They don’t understand how amazing they truly are; so they settle for the dust that floats in the air rather than reach for the stars.

I was stuck in that place throughout my teen years and through most of my young adult life. It is so easy to allow the influences of trauma, hurt, pain, disappointments, and deep-seeded wounds to negatively impact this one magnificent life God gave us to live. That negativity can subconsciously shape how we see ourselves, our worth, our value, and our wondrous possibilities. As a result, we find ourselves confined to a ‘box of limitation’ with a defeated mindset. 

The ‘box of limitation’ is best defined as the emotional constraints we impose on ourselves due to the influences of our trials and traumas. It is generally compounded by listening to and internalizing the negative perceptions of what others think we should or should not do and can or cannot be. That “box” severely limits the ability to dream and undermines the potential to achieve all that God promised.

The only way to soar into all that God put you in the earth realm to do is to get out of your own way and get out of that “box”. The steps below are critical to starting the journey:

  1. Turn your sad situation into and S.A.D. strategy. Stop for a moment and re-evaluate what you really want in this life. Assess why you are where you are; and be honest. Decide that enough is enough!
  2. Realize that it is going to take work, sweat equity, strategy, and perseverance to make it happen. Then put on your boxing gloves and mentally get ready to fight through self-doubt, fear, and self-limiting beliefs.
  3. Determine how you got in “the box” in the first place. This step is going to take to deep self-reflection. How did “the box” became the measure by which you set your potential, your standards, your dreams, and your possibilities?
  4. "The box" does not grow around step into it. Ascertain exactly when did you step into “the box” and begin to settle for less than you deserve? When did you give your power, your voice, your potential to someone else? And are you now ready to stand and take it all back?
  5. Make the conscious and brave decision to forgive, let go, and move on. Whatever happened, you must forgive...not only others, but also yourself. Seek God’s face, pray for your healing, and for the strength to release and forgive!
  6. If needed, talk to someone of true wisdom. Confer with your pastor, engage a life coach, find a Christian counselor. Whatever it takes…do it! It's time to fight for your dreams!

You have a life to live and a destiny to manifest! Get out of your own way and stop hindering your progress to stepping into your greatness. Get out of “the box” so God can position you to soar into all that you are purposed to do in this life! If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, it’s past time to get out of “your box of limitation”! 

If you are ready to take a leap forward and don't know how to make it happen, help is at hand. If you need help taking the next step, contact Dr. Bre for a free consultation to start your journey. You were born to it's time to take flight! Call 404-882-2771.