Pirie Jones Grossman is a certified Life Empowerment Coach, TEDx speaker, best-selling author, podcaster, and contributing writer for Thrive Global and Authority Magazine.

Pirie’s coaching is masterful, combining deeply customized life coaching with spiritual psychology’s powerful tools and techniques. This synergy helps women heal old belief systems and early life experiences freeing them to create profoundly purposeful and fulfilling lives.

She points out that we learn who we are and how to love from our childhoods and early romantic experiences. In these contexts, our core beliefs and values are defined. Are we lovable? Are we good enough?

Pirie says, “I teach from a spiritual psychology perspective because it heals at a soul level. When healing happens in this way, we discover a sense of connection to something bigger than ourselves. When we reclaim and restore our self-esteem, and align our beliefs to our behaviors, and our values to our choices, we become empowered and begin to live from a place of gratitude and abundance.”

Pirie specializes in redefining women’s lives after significant life changes like divorce, career shifts, retirement, or when kids have left home.

“So many women forget their own dreams while they’re helping others create theirs. And when we don’t remember our dreams, when we don’t take action to live them NOW, we literally start to die.”

She gives women permission to get out of their comfort zone and reclaim their lives with intention, reminding them to reignite the flame inside. Her mission statement: It’s never too late to live the life of your dreams at any time of your life.

“I needed to learn forgiveness and how to break through and heal my past, so I could stop the self-sabotaging survival skills that were no longer serving me. I know if I can heal, anyone can!”

Pirie learned these tools while getting her Master’s in spiritual psychology at the University of Santa Monica when she was in her 50s. She has since worked with hundreds of corporate leaders, moms, businesswomen, and seekers who looked to find answers to the questions: Who am I? What’s my purpose? How can I be in service to my community?

Pirie’s one-on-one VIP coaching system encourages and engages women to get unstuck so they can reinvent the second chapter of their lives based on joy, purpose, clarity, and creativity. When you’re ready to clear undesirable behaviors, obstacles, and unnecessary struggles that sabotage your ability to live your best life, Pirie will help you thrive.

Article Yahoo! Finance – April 16, 2021