Scott Allen Curley, CEO of FinishLine Tax Solutions Shares His Story in His New Book on His Journey From Addiction and Prison to CEO and Self Made Millionaire.

Once you truly commit to your commitment, then the rest is simply details.”— Scott Allen Curley

DALLAS, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, April 27, 2023/ -- For years, Scott Allen Curley, Co-CEO of FinishLine Tax Solutions has been asked to write his life story. He says he has thought about it many times over the years but struggled to commit to the project due to the emotional drain that he knew it could cause. His journey is filled with such trauma, turmoil and tragedy that he didn't know if he could re-open so many old wounds. However, after achieving internatioal recognition and being honored and recognized by major publications such as INC Magazine, Forbes Magazine, USA Today and The Dallas Morning News just to name a few, he finally chose to share his story with the world. The choice wasn't easy. According to Scott, "I had a hard time making this decision. I knew that my story could serve to inspire and encourage others who have had difficulty and lost hope, but I just wasn't sure if I was ready to reveal so much of myself . To write an autobiography requires absolute transparency. I struggled with whether or not I was ready to expose myself on that level"

Scott ultimately chose to take on the daunting task of outlining his journey which produced the highly anticipated autobiography; Absolution: The Dark Path to Light. The book offers a no-holes-barred look into Scotts life and graphically exposes his experiences with addiction, homelessness and prison. It also reveals his challenges in dealing with childhood abuse and self-identity issues.

Within its first week of release, it reached bestseller status in one category on and continues to gain highly favorable reviews on multiple platforms.

"My hope is to inspire anyone who believes that there is no way out of their difficult situation. I personally have dealt with abuse, homelessness and multiple prison stints. I had every reason to quit and take the victim stance, and for many years I did exactly that. However, I eventually chose to no longer be a victim. I want folks to see and believe that they too can overcome their challenges, no matter what they may be. It all starts with a mindset shift."

The book; Absolution: The Dark Path to Light is the true story that proves that it's never too late, and the path is never too dark, to turn tragedy into triumph.