The “Sprint And Rest” Secret To Getting Anything (Everything) Done


Let’s get right to the point.

You have access to the most powerful book on the Planet. (I am biased but it doesn’t mean I’m not right :0 ). So if you have the 21 Day Miracle book (and you should) then by now, you should have launched your own 21 Day Miracle, changed yourself, and changed the world.

Now…if you’re anything like the rest of the (wise and powerful) warriors who learn from me, your pattern from here on out should be:


Roughly 99% of the “21 Day Miracle” is about the SPRINT.

This video is about REST.


Don’t miss it.
The REST is a super important part of being successful at anything.
And it’s important for you to understand this to let your subconscious do its work.

Check it out now.


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