Nicole Brandon, Fitness Master, Introduces The Hourglass Bride - The Ultimate Workout & Wedding Planning Destination

by Nicole Brandon

In 2005 I opened the Artistry in Motion Fitness Studios Worldwide. I had so many brides coming into my studios across the globe hoping to lose weight before their big day, that I decided to create and to craft a workout program just for them. What did they want? A smaller waist, firm arms, an elongated neck, a sexy back, a high buttocks, thin firm thighs, endurance, strength, flexibility and so much more. The workout I created was so successful I had a five month waiting list to get into the class. Across the board in every country we had a waiting list. I had a survey done in over 30 countries and they all said the same thing, statistically a bride will buy a wedding dress 1 or 2 sizes too small, 10 months to a year out before her wedding and then try to fit into the dress. Thus, the problem and the Fit into the Dress Market was born. When I was working with the brides, I realized they had other problems before their big day, they were stressed out, they had so much to do, and to plan. They were forfeiting intimacy for busy schedules. The upcoming day and their new life required becoming part of a new family, a bigger family, and that, new opportunities, and new problems were at each, and every door. How do you talk about money? How do you talk about your past relationships? How do you ask for what you want sexually? What if you were hurt before, how do you trust love? How do you pick a band? A wedding song? Do you tip the band? What if your family doesn’t get along? How do you stepparent? What if you’re marrying into another race or culture? Where to go on your honeymoon? How do you find the perfect dress? Comfortable yet beautiful shoes? What do you do first? Flowers? Parking? The questions kept coming as brides talked through their workout sessions. Hundred and Thousands of Brides around the world all in my studies sharing the same inner thoughts, inner fears, inner excitement, enthusiasm and glory. I realized I wanted to create a program that was more than a workout program. Yes of course they would fit into the dress. Guaranteed. It’s the best workout program in the world. I also wanted to give them the keys, secrets, and tools to the Happily Ever After. I contacted Famous Celebrity Experts in the fields of relationships, communication, sex, health, wellness, yoga, stress free living, anti-aging, finance, happiness, family building, feng shui, cooking, planning and the best fitness experts in the world all coming together to teach within our Hourglass Bride Programs. Our experts have won Academy Awards, Tony Awards, Grammy Awards, Emmy Awards, and our celebrity authors, doctors, and health experts have collectively sold over six billion, yes six billion books. I wanted to give the Brides their dream. Every dream and every wish come true. I created an Hourglass Bride Wedding Journal/Wedding Planner to track their progress and with everything they would need to plan their perfect wedding. I wanted to give them the Dream. Hourglass Bride is the Hub of Happiness. Fitness, Health, Fashion, Solutions, Answers and the Fairytale Come True!!!!!!

Leadership Lessons from the Cape Buffalo

by Steve Fredlund

The pathfinder is critical to a cape buffalo herd; and our leadership suffers when we fail to realize and acknowledge the importance of the pathfinders in our teams. Who are your pathfinders? How do you recognize them? How do you lean on them? How do you recognize them?



Career decision must be based on a person's Interest, Decision and Passion. These three must be backed by personal value!

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